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High Technology Glass

Elmont Glass stays on the cutting edge by providing custom-fabricated glass and technology solutions (including holes, notches, and polished edges) to our clients based on their exacting requirements.

We often combine various technologies to meet our client's creative vision. For example, we recently created a number of large round glass skylights for a customer which include liquid crystal switchable privacy, bullet resistance, AND radiant heat!

Liquid Crystal Switchable Privacy Glass

At the flip of a switch, this state-of-the-art glass switches from clear-to-private or private-to-clear in milliseconds!

Here's a quick animation showing some of our featured projects:

Perfect for home, yacht, corporate, healthcare, entertainment and anywhere else you can imagine.

Features include:

  • Provides instantaneous Privacy-On-Demand
  • Eliminates the need for and cleaning of shades, curtains or blinds
  • Protects fine furnishings, carpets & displays from UV damage
  • Preferred by top architects, interior designers, builders, & consumers
  • Highest quality, made-in-America technology
  • Rated at 3,000,000+ switches
  • TESTED by us to 7,000,000+ switches (and counting!)

Accept no substitutes...

Download and print our one-sheet brochure! - 5 Megs

View some of our completed projects!


Go green with Elmont Glass Company! Elmont Glass can custom create almost any application for your Low-E or energy efficient glazing.

Low-emission glass (Low-E) is a clear glass that has an invisible coating of metal oxide which allows heat and light to pass through while blocking heat from leaving the room. This process reduces heat loss in the room. In the summer, it blocks heat from coming in.

Coating a glass surface with a Low-E coating blocks a significant amount of this radiant heat transfer, thus lowering the total heat flow through the window. Low-E coatings are transparent to visible light. Different types of Low-E coatings have been designed, which allows you to control how much heat is coming through. In addition, Low-E glass can be both tempered and laminated.

Radiant Heat Glass

This special glass is electrically heated at the flip of a switch.

You control the temperature, up to 123 degrees Farenheit!

This tech can lower a buildings overall energy use!

Sun Control Glass

We offer two different varieties:

"Nature's Own" - Automatic Sun Control

This technology senses the heat of the Sun and automatically darjens and lightens for ultimate ease of use.

"Ion Control" - electronic control

This technology puts YOU in total control. Just flip a switch and, within a few short minutes, the glass darkens or lightens.

Signal Defense

  • Optically clear
  • Maximum protection from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI / RFI) for equipment, humans, and animals.
  • Infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV) blocking window film
  • Very high solar energy blocking
  • Privacy/eavesdropping protection
  • Additional security for wireless networks & devices
  • Uses glass, acrylic, polycarbonate(PC) or a combination

Bullet Resistance

Custom created applications for your safety and security needs.

Elmont Glass offers a range of products to meet all of your security specifications.

Elmont Glass can custom create almost any application for your security needs.

Weather Proofing

Marine "inner layers" offer extra protection against the elements. These are especially popular for boating applications.

Fidelity Sound Glass

Imagine glass that makes sound like a speaker!

We offer a subwoofer which is a sound transducer that transmits acoustical energy to almost any glass surface.

We are expert at helping you with optical considerations and providing high light transmission as well as anti-glare and anti-reflection applications.

We also manufacture a range of defined polycarbonate laminates that can be machined, bus barred and gasketed to your requirements within a short lead time without compromising quality or performance.

Most applications are custom by nature and Elmont Glass can provide consulting services to assist you in your glass and technology applications.

Please send details so we may assist you,. We will quote direct to your detailed specification or offer alternatives when requested.

Our sales and engineering staff are here to serve your needs.

Since 1949... "Service is our Business!"



Call us today at: 212-936-2501 or 516-248-8860

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